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    Sultan Nasir Uddin Shagor ( Father: Dr.m.a.Hannan,Mother: Khaleda Khan Pathan) Bron in Mymenshing , People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Student Life Start on Mymenshing Holy Family Padri Missionary School, Mymenshing Mukul Niketon & Completed The Secondary School Certificate (SSC ) from Nawabgonj Pilot High School Dhaka Board Bangladesh. Completed The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from Ideal College Dhaka Board Bangladesh. Completed Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Ideal College Dhaka Board Bangladesh . Student was LLB Dhanmondi Law College Dhaka Bangladesh. live in inherit Property in Mitaly Road,PS : Hazaribagh,PO: Zigatola ,Dhaka,Bangladesh. Shagor (14.32.0000. an Internet Providing Company who built this business and he is running this organization for years. He has experienced in Internet Networking and Marketing.He has also some other concerns like Shagor Leather House (An Online Shopping Site) ,Trirotano Aluminium Interior and many more.

Welcome to Shagor.net

***Two of our package price has been updated.It’ll valid from 1st  January 2017 (1.5 Mbps500 BDT & 2 Mbps 600 BDT)
For a disconnection users are requested to inform us within the 28th of a month.
If anyone caught using connection after notifying us to drop connection, they can be charge an amount of 5,000 BDT – 50,000 BDT as penalty.
1. We Request all of our USERS to pay their INTERNET BILL within 7th of every month, to prevent disconnection.

2. To request any content that you need, request it on our Facebook Page so that our admin can upload your contents.

3. For any kind of internet problems call us here : +8801624 117573, +8801624 117574,+8801624 117575, Billing Issue: +8801624 117576 and tell us about your problem so that we can give a solution to you.

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    We ensure you DEDICATED Bandwidth (speed) not SHARED. Unlimited Net surfing for 24 hours & no download limitations. Updated FTP ...

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